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Why Belize Is On Trend For 2024 + 24 Things To Do Year-Round

According to the founder and CEO of popular travel trend-tracking website The Points Guy, the travel industry is gearing up for 2024 to be the busiest year for travel ever. They’re calling 2024 the year of spontaneous travel. Either picking a destination days before departing—or even at the airport—to simply visit somewhere new, or somewhere they’ve always loved visiting before. For travelers with an eye on Belize, there are a few trends in the small English-speaking Central American nation that fit perfectly. Experts at CN Traveler predict a few travel trends, but these apply to Belize.

Eco Diving

What’s the trend? A rise in divers choosing their travel destinations based on the sustainability of the scuba centers, and having a more positive and regenerative impact on the ocean once there.

Why Belize is perfect: More than a handful of local scuba diving operators in Belize put a focus on conservation activities and a real reduction in their environmental footprint, like supporting coral replanting programs with local NGOs, leading lionfish derbies—to reduce the voracious, invasive species preying on the Belize Barrier Reef—or help to supply underwater clean-ups. There are also several new Padi courses being launched for any diver to take anywhere, including the Global Shark and Ray Census in August 2024, as well as the relaunch of the Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course before December. 

Give peak season the cold shoulder

What's the trend? There’s been a dramatic recent increase in shoulder season travel to popular destinations, which is set to continue in 2024. The cost of living crisis means a heightened focus on value, while fewer crowds equal an authentic, local feel while traveling. 

Why Belize is perfect: With ideal weather and year-round activities, Belize in the shoulder season is just as good of a vacation as any other time, plus it’s cheaper. Though you won’t find the crowds or Where’s Waldo-type beaches as our neighboring counterparts (think: Cancun), you’ll garner even more of an “all to myself” feeling in Belize during May, June, August, September, and October.

Private group travel

What's the trend? Sharing travel experiences with family and friends is even more of a priority in a post-pandemic scene. Private groups range from three-generation family groups to 50-something empty-nesters keen to rekindle life-long friendships.

Why Belize is perfect: There’s an activity for quite literally any age and interest in Belize! Adventure, culture, food, beaches, rainforests, and more—Belize has it all. Booking by group makes travel even cheaper, especially when you book with a budget-friendly destination like the Placencia Peninsula’s Sea Spray Hotel. 

Skip-gen travel

What's the trend? Skipping a generation, grandparents are often seen traveling with their grandchildren only–leaving their kids [aka the parents] at home. 

Why Belize is perfect: Multi-generational travel is nothing new to Belize; grandparents (and grandkids) can be as active or laid back on their vacation as they’d like. 

Plan-free travel

What's the trend? Saying no to endless scrolling to plan every inch of a trip, and saying yes to spontaneity instead. 

Why Belize is perfect: Anything but cookie-cutter, live in the moment with a Belize vacation: getting from one corner of the country to the other is possible in just 2 hours by plane or 6 hours by road (or less). Snorkel the Belize Barrier Reef in the morning and, on a whim, be immersed in the rainforests of inland Belize by noon. 


Despite the busy outlook, experts say there is hope for budget-conscious travelers as airfare costs have come down. Book flights three to four months in advance for international trips as a sweet spot, and lock in your hotel rate as early as possible. If you’re planning a trip to Belize in 2024, here are 24 things to get your itinerary rolling too.

  1. Dance and eat away at the International Music & Food Festival

  2. Experience Lobster Fest on Caye Caulker 

  3. Support wildlife conservation at The Belize Zoo

  4. Feed tarpons in Caye Caulker 

  5. Spot rare red-footed booby birds on Half Moon Caye

  6. Snorkel inside Shark Ray Alley

  7. Get friendly with the locals inside Turtle Alley 

  8. Climb Ca’ana at Caracol

  9. Shop the San Ignacio Farmer’s Market 

  10. Take a distillery tour at Traveller’s Liquors Heritage Centre

  11. Rent a golf cart on Ambergris Caye 

  12. Have a sundowner at Sunset Pointe in Placencia 

  13. Enjoy fry jacks for breakfast 

  14. Cruise through time at Barton Creek Cave 

  15. Horseback ride through citrus valleys 

  16. Learn the lifecycle of a Blue Morpho butterfly 

  17. Bask in bioluminescence on a lagoon tour in Hopkins 

  18. Get traditional Garifuna dancing lessons from Lebeha Drummers 

  19. Birdwatch in the Belizean rainforest 

  20. Visit the world’s first jaguar reserve at Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary

  21. Scuba dive (or fly over) the Great Blue Hole 

  22. Support local artisans on the Placencia Sidewalk

  23. Watch the sunrise on the beach

  24. Go cave tubing 

Ready to test out one of 2024's travel trends in Belize this year? Get in touch with us here.


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